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We ask your guests to come up to dance with the bride or the groom -- it will cost them $1 per dance.  We'll play slow songs, usually about 3 of them, and each person will dance with the bride or groom for about a half-minute or less.  The best man and maid of honor will be in charge of taking the money and keeping the line moving by telling the next person when it is their turn to dance.  This is a great way to talk with some of your guests while dancing (and to earn some money for your honeymoon!).

This is a fun thing to do at wedding dances with the theme being a "long, happy marriage."  We ask all married couples to come to the dance floor to dance to a romantic slow song. After all have danced for a little while, we we ask all couples who have been married for a day or less (thus the bride and groom) to leave the dance floor.  Then we ask all couples married less than one year, five years, ten years, etc. to leave the floor.  Finally, the last couple that remains dancing will be the longest married couple in attendance.  This is a fun way to recognize this couple.  An extra special touch would be for the bride and groom to present a small gift to this couple such as a bottle of wine or champagne or flowers.

We'll help you do the traditional bouquet toss.  While play the Beyoncé song, "Put a Ring On It (All the Single Ladies)," we'll ask all the single ladies to come to the dance floor and get ready to catch the bride's throw-bouquet.  The groom can spin his new bride around a few times, then with her back to the crowd she'll give the bouquet a toss.  As tradition has it, the one who catches it will be the next one to get married.

Having the bride sit on the best man's knee or on a chair is the traditional way to beginning the garter toss.  With the "stripper" song playing in the background (or you can request a different song), the groom removes the garter off of his bride's leg.  Your guest can determine if the groom is allowed to use his hands or just his teeth!  Once the garter is removed by the groom, we get all single guys on the floor and the groom tosses it to them.  Or for the AUCTION......we can auction off the garter to the highest bidder.  If there is an auctioneer in the crowd, you can have them do it or we'd be happy to conduct the auction as well.  The money raised goes to the bride and groom.

You have probably danced to these songs many times at weddings you've attended. Usually the kids in attendance request these songs, but it is enjoyed by guests of all ages.  It is a great way to get everyone jazzed up and onto the dance floor.  Of course, you are welcome to tell us not to play these as well.

This game is modeled after the Newly Wed Game."  It is a fun way to see if the bride and groom can match answers.  Here is how it works......we have the bride and groom come to the dance floor or stage and sit back-to-back.  They each take off their shoes and trade one shoe with each other (so they each have a bride shoe and a groom shoe).  Then the DJ asks them a series of questions, like "who was the first to say 'I love you'?" or "who steals the covers more often?" etc.  The bride and groom simply hold up that shoe for their answer.  We can do this before the dance begins or during the dance You can also personalize the questions with a custom question or two.